About the CME

CMEfy is powered by ReflectCE - an internet point-of-care activity that offers continuing education credit for Dentists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Physicians and other members of the healthcare team. Read more here

It’s like getting credit from internet search activities via UpToDate in your EHR/EMR, but instead using ReflectCE reflective nudges in real life during your learning contexts (podcasts, coaching, talks & more!).

Your clinicians must opt-in to reflect on or engage with the presented accredited learning activities (reflection prompts) - they don’t get credit for attending or consuming your content! CMEfy helps you weave in learning sparks & inspirations into day-to-day experiences that nudge your learners on a path to credit-earning opportunities - 100% opt-in, self-directed and reflective.

More about ReflectCE’s point-of-care activity standards

CMEfy honors the standards and guidelines of accreditation by:

  1. Establishing a defined pathway to an accredited continuing education site.
  2. Ensuring the accredited learning content in the reflection nudges is valid
  3. Eliminating any commercial bias, including zero endorsements and zero marketing / promotion in the reflection activity
  4. All financial relationships disclosed to our joint providers and the learners
  5. 100% Opt-in for clinicians to decide and engage with the reflection nudges, evaluating their learning from the presented research-based internet search activity to capture their reflection and claim the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation.
  6. Zero interference from ineligible companies on which reflection nudges are presented, what learners choose to evaluate (reflect) on and when the learner may choose to engage with the accredited nudges.
  7. Furthermore, being a CMEfy user doesn’t grant CMEfy users the access to specific accredited learning activities or the ability to distribute a specific accredited learning activity. The learner must choose to engage with any learning activities available on the CMEfy card to subsequently earn credit - 100% of their free will.
  8. CMEfy’s fundamental principle is to drive learning and meaningful reflections for busy clinicians (inspired by this NHS study). This is done via CMEfy cards that provide a synopsis and mindful pause for the learning audience, followed by their choice to reflect and unlock credit. CMEfy will not tolerate or take legal responsibility of any quid pro quo arrangements, social engineering or use cases with an embedded conflict of interest. We reserve the right to deactivate CMEfy accounts that mislead the learners to perform a task, purchase a product or any action that is not tied to the mission of learning and the self-sovereignty of the learner’s choice to engage & reflect.
If you believe your use case might inadvertently violate these terms or if you are a representative of the following classification of companies that may have a conflict of interest, please consult your lawyer, book a time to speak with us and submit a request to our legal and learning counsel before CMEfying your engagement:
  • Advertising, marketing, or communication firms whose clients are ineligible companies
  • Bio-medical startups that have begun a governmental regulatory approval process
  • Compounding pharmacies that manufacture proprietary compounds
  • Device manufacturers or distributors
  • Diagnostic labs that sell proprietary products
  • Growers, distributors, manufacturers or sellers of medical foods and dietary supplements
  • Manufacturers of health-related wearable products
  • Pharmaceutical companies or distributors
  • Pharmacy benefit managers
  • Reagent manufacturers or sellers

Want to learn more? Accreditation questions? Please drop us a note: concierge@cmefy.com