How does it work?

CMEfy is an AI-powered creator suite & discovery platform for clinicians co-learning with peers, mentors, platforms and collaborators in the flow of their day-to-day. We integrate with accredited platforms, like ReflectCE (an accredited point-of-care learning activity with learning nudges that unlock AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ & more), to bring independent and non-sponsored learning content in the modality the clinician learner chooses to engage with.

How does it work?

CMEfy is the bridge between a learning inspiration and a learner-initiated self-directed point of care activity. Each CMEfy link via CMEfy hosts is a pathway for learners to credit-earning opportunities.

  1. CMEfy links to ReflectCE to recommend a practice-related topic in a contextually relevant setting
  2. Learners must acknowledge the topic, or change/update based on their learning inspiration
  3. CMEfy’s technology combines the learner-confirmed topic, learner history, contextual and AI-based predicted keywords to recommend a search intent
    • The “Powered by CMEfy” icon signifies that the smart link will use predictive AI to detect context, keywords and search intent from your source content or experience. CMEfy never approves your content or experience for credit.
  4. Learners must initiate the search, which performs an AI-based search of relevant nudges from ReflectCE - an internet point-of-care activity that offers continuing education credit to Dentists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Physicians and other members of the healthcare team.
    • ReflectCE nudges are written by qualified professionals eg. clinicians, behavioral psychologists, and/or instructional designers.
    • ReflectCE nudges are based on published research. ReflectCE ensures compliance with all accreditation guidelines. Disclosures of all in control of the nudge content are collected and provided to learners
  5. 100% opt-in and of their choice, learners launch into a separate digital space to engage and reflect on the presented accredited ReflectCE nudge in a meaningful, substantive and practice-relevant manner to earn credit.
    • The ReflectCE reflection evaluation uses an AI-powered rule engine, a team of reviewers and text-based algorithms / natural language processing to ensure (and constantly refine) the learner is capturing a meaningful, substantive and relevant reflection.
CMEfy believes in putting the learning experience before discoverable content; clinician choice over automation; human-interaction over popularity posts; contextual & reflective learning over rote memorization.
How do you get started?
  1. Simply specify your learning context & the topics being discussed / presented
  2. CMEfy will instantly generate a unique link that you can share with your learners
  3. Each link presents an opportunity for your learners to search and discover relevant point-of-care accredited activities (which foster reflection-based evaluations) to unlock CME.
  4. If opted-in by your learners, you may also receive anonymized & AI-enriched insights
Curious about the CME credit? Read here
About the CME
✨ Spontaneous CMEfied Instant Rounds™

Learning happens spontaneously and there may be times when you just need to meet with a peer across the country and present a quick case. No need to fumble with Zoom links. CMEfy allows you to instantly launch a virtual Instant Round.

Instant Rounds are CMEfy's version of CME-enabled video/audio/screen-share conference capability right in your browser - no downloads, any device. All with a couple of clicks!
How do learners earn CME credits?

Learners earn credits by engaging with the suggested reflection search prompt(s), engaging with the point-of-care result and reflecting on what they learned based on how it applies to their day-to-day. The evaluation (via your reflection) unlocks 0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ (Internet Point-of-care Activity). After learners have engaged and reflected various point-of-care learning discovered via the CMEfy platform, learners may print certificates from the Learner Hub. Learning is free to the learner (unless you charge them a fee!).

Is your CME accredited?

CMEfy integrates with CME-accredited platforms like ReflectCE — a point-of-care learning activity that unlocks AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ from clinician reflections on their learning.

Clinician learners eligible to claim AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™:

  • In the United States, MDs, DOs, PAs, NPs, AAs are eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • Some state boards allow for RNs (please check with the states) to claim them
  • ACCME has international reciprocity as per this resource:
  • ⇒ We strongly recommend that you check with your learners’ region / country if Internet Point-of-care Learning activities that reward AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ is recognized and accepted.

Is my learning content eligible for CME?

CMEfy does not accredit or approve your content / experience for credit.

Instead, your content / experience helps spark a learning keyword for clinicians, who must engage with the relevantly sourced point-of-care activities to earn credit commensurate with their learning & reflection.

You, your content and your co-learning experiences are simply a spark to this search as opposed to the credit itself. Clinician learners must engage 100% opt-in with the presented accredited learning opportunities to earn credit.

Does the learning experience need to be in the future, or can it be a session recorded in the past?

CMEfy links can be attached to past, present or future learning moments. Your recorded events catalyze thoughts that are captured and reinforced by the related topics within the attached nudges.

So wait, does this mean I can CMEfy anything?

Correct, you can CMEfy any experience you believe will help your clinician audience learn! However, it's up to your clinician learner to opt-in and choose to launch the search for reflection prompts, to engage and reflect on how that experience makes them apply, think, question, appreciate, adjust, or grow in their personal, clinical & administrative day-to-day. The reflection is what unlocks the credit for the clinicians.

Does CMEfy track activity or collect my personal data?

No! We take clinician privacy very seriously— no individual user learning data is reported and we only present aggregated insights anonymously. Clinicians can opt-in to share their reflections anonymously with their host clinician. Read more here.

How can I get feedback and insights from my learners?

If opted-in by your learners, you can access your impact and learner insights from the CMEfy dashboard:

I have an app that serves the clinician community. Can I bring CMEs and insights to them?

Absolutely! Please reach out to to learn more about the CMEfy API and partner program. We'd love to help you bring relevant nudges, CME & insights to your digital platform!

CME provider or accredited institution? Let's talk

For accredited CME/CEU providers, CMEfy brings a discovery engine to accelerate learner engagement & value creation for you with features like:

  • Instant Rounds™: Present your perspectives and live engagement (during/pre/post your learning content) via hosted Instant Rounds™ 
  • Contextual Distribution: CMEfy can seamlessly embed your learning content in experiences
  • Monetization: We can be the "Stripe for YOUR CME" with a turnkey & secure paywall for your learners to pay-per-course.
  • AI-powered Impact Analytics: Host your evaluation forms with us & our AI engine will weave in the flow.

Reach out to for more information about partnering with us.

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