This pricing schedule is for CMEfy’s platform access to clinician-led settings, clinician-led co-learning and organizational learning initiatives. If you’re looking for CMEfy’s Pathways suite for rewarding co-learning and measuring attendee insights from innovative educational events, seminars, virtual surgeries, learning labs & other continuing education experiences, please visit the Pathways website or drop us a note at inbox@colearningpathways.com
We've updated our pricing model to help you unlock co-learning superpowers at your pace.

Please note: Clinician Catalysts (and our early adopters!) will continue on the $9/month plan with unlimited links + unlimited learners.
Not sure which price is right for you? Drop in a note concierge@cmefy.com 📧 or attend an Open Demo 📅

Reach out if you’re a clinician-centric non-profit - we offer discounts: concierge@cmefy.com 📧

How CMEfy pricing compares to your alternatives?

CMEfy is not an accredited CE provider, and CMEfy doesn’t accredit your content. Instead, it puts the onus on your learners to unlock credit by engaging with an accredited reflection prompt. Our AI performs the evaluation, tracks the learner record and manages the pathway to collect the reflection.

For you, as clinician leaders, educators, solo clinicians and platforms CMEfy can offer an alternative to high accreditation costs, lengthy timelines, documentation overhead and maintaining a learning roster for audit purposes. To put it in perspective, a typical accredited course for 100 learners could easily cost you $10k in total costs. With CMEfy, you can support unlimited learning opportunities for your learners at a fraction of that cost and the same benefit of the credit to your learner.

Additionally, if you're submitting your learning experiences for grant support, CMEfy adds a whole new dimension to clinician engagement, while unlocking deep insights that boost the learning impact across a range of learning experiences.

Our pricing tiers are designed to support the technology that unlocks this freedom for the learner, gives the educator the flexibility to design more effective learning experiences, while ensuring a deep respect for learning budgets, time management and ease-of-use. To learn if we’re a good fit for you, please check out this page