How CMEfy works

How does it work?

CMEfy is the bridge between a learning inspiration and a learner-initiated self-directed point of care activity. Each CMEfy link via CMEfy hosts is a pathway for learners to credit-earning opportunities.

  1. CMEfy links to ReflectCE to recommend a practice-related topic in a contextually relevant setting
  2. Learners must acknowledge the topic, or change/update based on their learning inspiration
  3. CMEfy’s technology combines the learner-confirmed topic, learner history, contextual and AI-based predicted keywords to recommend a search intent
    • The “Powered by CMEfy” icon signifies that the smart link will use predictive AI to detect context, keywords and search intent from your source content or experience. CMEfy never approves your content or experience for credit.
  4. Learners must initiate the search, which performs an AI-based search of relevant nudges from ReflectCE - an internet point-of-care activity that offers continuing education credit to Dentists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Physicians and other members of the healthcare team.
    • ReflectCE nudges are written by qualified professionals eg. clinicians, behavioral psychologists, and/or instructional designers.
    • ReflectCE nudges are based on published research. ReflectCE ensures compliance with all accreditation guidelines. Disclosures of all in control of the nudge content are collected and provided to learners
  5. 100% opt-in and of their choice, learners launch into a separate digital space to engage and reflect on the presented accredited ReflectCE nudge in a meaningful, substantive and practice-relevant manner to earn credit.
    • The ReflectCE reflection evaluation uses an AI-powered rule engine, a team of reviewers and text-based algorithms / natural language processing to ensure (and constantly refine) the learner is capturing a meaningful, substantive and relevant reflection.