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✨ Help clinicians discover relevant point-of-care activities that unlock CME credits


💯 Understand your co-learning community with anonymized learner insights & impact data


🚀 Unlock value from engaged co-learners, anonymized reflections & more

Designed for busy clinicians, educators, mentors, experts & digital platforms fostering clinician learning communities

CMEfy does not endorse, support or amplify your content or learning experiences. Your learners earn credit by engaging 100% opt-in with the presented internet point-of-care activities (like accredited reflective nudges) via CMEfy — and NOT for viewing, attending or consuming your content / experience.

CMEfy or our partners do not grant your content or learning experience approval for credit. ANY violation or misrepresentation of this benefit for learners will result in instant deactivation of your CMEfy account.

Have your own Accredited CME Learning Activities? Do you write grants for educational programs? Talk to us 💬 about CMEfy's AI-powered experience and reflective learning to catapult clinician engagement, add credit offerings & gain new insights.

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This is a game changer! The frictionless experience to CMEfy impromptu chats & grand rounds halfway across the country - that's how clinicians like to learn! The CMEfy platform totally gets it. 👍 👍 from a Rural Hospital Clinician Leader
I love to mentor and CMEfy is the perfect complement to help me journal & learn from my mentorship meetings. Oh, and the CMEs are a great hook! 🙂 from an Evaluating Physician at a MD Residency Program
It's awesome to reward my community with CMEs from the learning-oriented conversations we're already having! from a Top Clinician 👋 Clubhouse host
CMEfy is the perfect superpower for Clinician Creators building their learning communities! The platform's turnkey integration capabilities can seamlessly bring their microCMEs where the busy clinician is. ğŸŽ‡ from a serial Healthcare CEO

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