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Catalyze your clinician co-learning community


✨ Turnkey Adaptrack-powered AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ from clinician experiences


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Designed for busy clinicians, educators, mentors, experts & digital platforms fostering clinician learning communities (See Pricing)

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This is a game changer! The frictionless experience to CMEfy impromptu chats & grand rounds halfway across the country - that's how clinicians like to learn! The CMEfy platform totally gets it. 👍 👍 from a Rural Hospital Clinician Leader
I love to mentor and CMEfy is the perfect complement to help me journal & learn from my mentorship meetings. Oh, and the CMEs are a great hook! 🙂 from an Evaluating Physician at a MD Residency Program
It's awesome to reward my community with CMEs from the learning-oriented conversations we're already having! from a Top Clinician 👋 Clubhouse host
CMEfy is the perfect superpower for Clinician Creators building their learning communities! The platform's turnkey integration capabilities can seamlessly bring their microCMEs where the busy clinician is. 🎇 from a serial Healthcare CEO


Have your own Accredited CME Learning Activities? Are you a CME-accredited course producer / content hub? Integrate with CMEfy's AI-powered discovery engine designed for busy co-learning clinicians. Let's talk ↗


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